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I just thought I'd post a quick message to say that on the front page of tonight's JEP (Jersey Evening Post) is an article confirming that Jersey has just had its first ever adoption of a child by two gay male parents !!

WOOHOO !!!!! :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
It is about time to start having more of these cases i think! Not that a lot of gay couples especially gay male couples i know want to adopt but it is good news for the ones who want to adopt. Wink

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



I'd love to, but my partner wouldn't so as I say, it's kinda a moot point ... but yeah - I'd love to :biggrin:.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
Adoption is a good thing if one or both are ready and stable for it in life... My boyfriend and me both want our children despite him having an 11 year old son.. I think if we got our budget sorted and our lives on track we may consider this or find a surrogate mother who doesnt mind doing the turkey baster kind of stuff as i cant do with going through that wam bam thank you mam business

kindest regards

zeon x
Thats cool!!

I've been worrying for years that if I end up with a guy for the long term or more that I couldn't have a kids. Its one of my life's dreams to become a father...
Aww, sweet! I'd love to adopt a child and bring him/her up to be a decent person. Its great to see.
Kids are hard workk Espically if they are spoilt and have been my bf n me his son has been spoilt for 11 yrs by his mum n expects it from his dad n aint getting it coz me yes mister meanie aint allowing it... it makes them worse and dis respectful of things

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