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Jockstrap Cowboys

You're welcome Hubba-hubba-smiley
Gay is happiness
Where is this magical placeDrool-smiley
Andrew Christian videos = Always HOT, thanks for sharing!
[Image: 65641-win_o.gif]
Can anyone please point me to the behind the scenes footage? I went to his site and clicked on the vids but I somehow missed it.

I'm curious how long he was actually on a horse and if he said anything about what it was like. Given that I learned real fast why people rode horses in jeans (and sometimes more) after I tried riding a horse wearing shorts I can't help but be curious.

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm missing the point, but I'm not the target audience, and I really am curious. Wink

(That said, even I appreciated how "personal" he made it, especially with his very friendly, welcoming face, seeming to share the experience with the viewer, etc, it was very well done.)
Pix, maybe here?

I will never understand porn lol. I just never will.
[Image: sdfg_by_cocoaeyes-d6waj25.png]
I really don't find jockstraps sexy at all... if anything I find it completely the opposite!

Give me nice tight boxers any day.... yummm......
Excuse me, I just have to go change into a new pair of pants. :redface:

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