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Just Saying Hi
Hi I'm a sophmore in High school and I have no idea if this is a dating site or advice site or what, but I really need to talk to someone about myself, so I found this site Smile.
Hi @Kooles welcome to the forum  Welcome 

No, not a dating site, just a wee chat forum in a quiet corner of the internets.
<<<<I'm just consciousness having a human experience>>>>
Hello Kooles! Welcome to Gay Speak!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
Welcome to the forum @Kooles. Feel free to chat away Smile
Hey man, welcome! I'm a former HS teacher! If you ever need to talk this is the right place. Years back when I was here this place and people were very helpful.
Welcome to the forum, lot of great support here. Seems like a lifetime ago but I believe I signed up when I was still in high school

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