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Just rewatched Pink Elephants on Parade from Dumbo
Have you guys seen this? I haven't seen dumbo since I was probably 9 years old...and even then, I remember only slightly liking it because it was... kind of scary as hell!!!

What the hell was Disney thinking putting their acid trip hallucinations in a kids movie??? It's the creepiest song and animation EVER. Seriously, watching it now made my heart race and got me all nervous inside. I think it was more about remembering how it made me feel back then, but even today this clip is NOT family friendly at all.

I had the same feeling with you.... thats why i never liked it!!!!
I think it's one of Disney's high points animation wise, the best part of the movie. The morphing and monochrome colours take full advantage of the possibilities of the medium, departing from the usual bland Disney Naturalism.
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