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well I had one friend of mine ask me how to clean his keyboard because it was sticky from well I won't mention .. but that's not the kind of response I was looking for!
I'll just assume whats going through my dirty mind as true. If you're looking for a serious answer on how to clean it, Q-tips might help?

I suggested licking it or throwing it out!
UUUGhh! Hahah, licking it! Eww.

Though I'd laugh if it were a family computer, I can't imagine what I'd do. Smething desperate maybe, like poor hot coffee over it, and blame it on the dog.

which would turn into throwing it out and buying a new one!

maybe I should start selling keyboards for a living!
If he really likes the keyboard, he can pop all the keys and have at it with slightly damp Q-Tip.
thinking the damage may be too far gone
What ... did he tsunami it or something ??

If he obliterated his previous keyboard with a tidal wave o' lurvin', might I suggest he uses his next one to type a CV and send it to a porn production company ??

Might be just what they're looking for !! Wink

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

HHAHhah, imagine if it were a laptop!

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