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Kgalema Montlathe is my new president....who?
That's the reaction that the general SA populace give.Ain't democracy grand?Last week,Thabo Mbeki was president & everything was hunky dory,today we have a new president,a new dep president,new cabinet of ministers and SAns are still struggling to wrap their heads around this.I am however impressed by how we've all taken this in our strides.Thabo Mbeki was usurped,plain & simple.Kgalema will serve as Acting President until we go to the voting boths in 09.I am pro Mbeki which is why I'm finding it difficult to accept Kgalema.Compared to Mbeki,he has the commanding presence of an ant,a very sleepy ant.Here's Thabo Mbeki's last state address : BBC NEWS | World | Mbeki announces resignation
Another great speech by a great man (volume wasnt that great on the link but good enough).

Then I watched the signing ceremony of Kgalema... poor guy seemed a bit lost... Dont know the system there but hope there are people surrounding him that will be able to help.

Good luck SA and Dan...

Sorry to say I know little of the politics of S.A. but from what I saw of president Thabo Mbeki. he was a stately well educated gentleman. Trust in your elected representatives to do their best for you. If they fail, vote them out. Replace them with some one who will do a better job.
Hi Dan,

I'm with Yar on this as I am terrible with politics

Hope it's all good for you though


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