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Knee pain from workout
I get knee pain when I workout. Not just when I'm doing resistance training with weights and stuff, but they can ache from something like yoga too.

I'm not educated enough when it comes to things like working out. I guess I could go to a gym and take a fitness class or hire a personal trainer, but with the ongoing pandemic I'm still hesitant to start.

Ideally, I'd like an at-home workout routing that would at least be enough to keep me healthy. I've been following one workout routing from a book I have, but my knees started aching again. I'd like to think it isn't something serious like an early arthritis, because it only comes from working out. Last night when my knee was aching from working out the day before, I put on a knee sleeve and it went away after wearing it for a while. I did my workout again today, only this time I wore knee sleeves on both knees while exercising, and my knees were way better during and after.

When my knees start hurting, they can sometimes shake, and it makes me scared I'm going to injure them. Even doing something like a plank long enough can start making me knees vibrate. I started looking up stuff I can do to maybe strengthen my knees.

Still, I don't know how normal it is for knees to get sore or throb from working out. I see a lot of fit guys wearing knee sleeves and I wonder if it's common or not.

I know some people on this forum know a lot about fitness so I'm wondering if they know anything about it and what I can do to avoid it.
I only got knee pain from running. If the pain feels like it is in the joint then you may want to take it easy. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything that would be high impact like running. Generally speaking I don't think that it is normal to get knee pain. Have your knee given you trouble in the past before working out?
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I was having knee issues, I started to take Osteo Bi-flex, and it's helped a lot!
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^ the past few days, I started taking a calcium and vitamin d supplement to hopefully build stronger bones, but I don't know if that's the cause or not. Last time I got my levels tested, I was low on vitamin D. I definitely have some wear and tear, but the soreness does subside, and was only triggered from working out.

@InbetweenDreams I actually don't get sore knees when I run. I did simple circuits of straight-leg deadlifts, thrusters, bent-over rows, and squat thrusts, all with dumbbells in both hands. The squat thrusts might technically be full burpees, IDK the difference between the two, but I did the pushup and jumped up at full force. The squats from the thrusters maybe might have put the most pressure on my knees, since I had added weight in my hands.

I've been looking up vids by physical therapists to hopefully find some at-home exercises to build stronger knees, but I'm still kind of clueless in everything fitness. I'll definitely need to find someone to teach me proper form.
Best way to get vitamin D is sun exposure and being up north going to lose your sunlight much sooner and I recall that there is a certain point where you can't really make any due to the sun's angle.... So definitely supplement... which reminds me I need to take this fish oil *sigh*

So two things, you might need to cut back the amount of weight you're lifting until it doesn't bother your knees. A lot of guys, myself included will try to do more weight than they really should and muscle will build up faster than joints and bones. Taking supplements for bones may help but the effects will take months. You can do an equally effective workout by reducing the weight and doing the reps slower from what I recall from way back.

Lastly, if you can have someone spot you and make sure you have the correct form/posture while doing these exercises. That was something that really kept me from doing stuff like squats is simply I didn't know what I was doing and didn't have a spotter or anyone with me, so I just stuck with machines which is probably just as bad.
"I’m not expecting to grow flowers in a desert, but I can live and breathe and see the sun in wintertime"
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You seem to be doing quite complex exercises. Squat thrusters, burpees, thrusters.

I would recommend going back to simpler exercises for your legs and shoulders like squats, lunges, step-ups, shoulder-raises, shrugs, lateral raises
start with low weights (squats) or even just body-weight (lunges, step-ups) and do the shoulder exercises while sitting down.

Usually gym staff is happy to demonstrate proper posture and even correct yours.

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