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Kyros Christian/Dillon Samuels
Woolfe Wrote:Heh no objection to that either, Sporty :tongue:

Yeah they're a porno couple, think Kyros is the hotter of the two by far (and my judgement's only slightly biased given my middle name) but when you see them as a couple (as opposed to a pair of rabbit's going at it, though that too is damn hot) it's kinda sweet. Imo.

Heh xxx

i havent seen them together but sounds interesting ... hehe Well usually gay porn revolves around a quick shag seeing something more emotionally intense is rare.

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Ya know that sayin...i wouldn't kick him outta bed? ..well i soooo would...hard enough that he wouldn't be able to get back in...but hey i degress too :biggrin:

LOL well at least there's someone that I like that wont be fighting me for him then. :tongue:

And sporty, definetely, gives it a surprisingly much more erotic aspect. XD

Woolfe Wrote:LOL well at least there's someone that I like that wont be fighting me for him then. :tongue:

[Image: ththemot123.gif] i'd give ya him without ya even havin to ask :biggrin: just so i didn't have to deal and all Wink

:tongue: agreed.

Hey, you just made my night again. I'm not even gonna work out what that adds upto though, my head would explode. =/

Haha xx
I got that effect...i think......true story! :tongue:

Haha yass XD

Emoticon version > [Image: 40.gif]

LOL now why have I never discovered that emoticon before?!

*horrified face*

Chin up ... ya can't be great at everything! [Image: pat.gif]


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