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LGBTQ+ Rights Victory in Mexico
This is a big victory for LGBTQ rights in Mexico...

Quote:Legislators in the northeastern Mexican state of Yucatán have enacted marriage equality for same-sex couples and also cracked down on “conversion therapy.”

Quote:Yucatán's actions follow a steady drumbeat of LGBTQ+ advances in Mexico. Currently, 22 out of 32 Mexican states allow same-sex marriage, including areas popular with American tourists like Sinaloa, Mexico City, Baja California, and Quintana Roo. The nation passed antidiscrimination protections for gay and bisexual Mexicans back in 2003.

[Image: _xlarge.jpeg]
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I've a good friend retired to Mazatlan and he's having a blast sharing the play by play of finding and engaging gay culture apart from club culture. I've had so many wonderful good times reading his letters. Lovelove
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