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Lactose Intolerance
I don't have it but I'm interested in those who do. I have a friend who had it so I learned a little about it from her (I don't talk to her anymore though). My thing is I totally LOVE milk/dairy. I love yogurt, milk, ice cream, things with milk in them, etc. What do people substitute milk/dairy products with? Are there certain foods/drinks you can't have that most people don't associate with milk/dairy that does cause you problems?

~Curious milk lover
Good thing you didn't title this thread Curious Milk Lover. It probably would go in an altogether different direction.
I have lactose intolerance. I still eat things I shouldn't sometimes. There are some non dairy mock milks, cheeses, and ice cream you can substitute. A lot of products for vegans you can get. As for surprising foods, processed meat has lactose in it too. But that doesn't bother me like a glass of milk or bowl of ice cream does.
[MENTION=21558]Emiliano[/MENTION], is it a matter of a lot of label reading for you?
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LJay Wrote:[MENTION=21558]Emiliano[/MENTION], is it a matter of a lot of label reading for you?

Sometimes. But I also know more or less what I can't eat by now.
Cats are lactose intolerant btw
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