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(Ladies) Masturbation is...

Maybe it's cuz I don't have a gf. But I should be happy I can do it, you know? It never worked before cuz I was thinking about guys. When I think about girls, I can make it work. But it's still boring. I don't wanna do a hookup with anybody. It's gotta be for real. It's hard to meet anybody in podunk USA. Tried online sites to meet girls, but it's not going anywhere. And I gotta be careful around here. Plus I got a kid, so I can't just go out.

Was excited I could finally do it without help. Now it's just boring. Sad What can I do?

Okay, I'm a guy (obviously) but, get that imagination going, let the foreplay, setting, conversation, etc... all play out in your mind. In short invent ah crush on an imaginary person you are absolutely mad about, then imagine the relationship, let yourself feel the connection. Pet a spare pillow if you need to Smile
Sounds you like you need erotica for women to engage your imagination more. The L Word counts for many people.

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