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Le Veira Is New
Well, hello.

The name is Veira and I figured I may as well introduce myself to you all.

I currently reside in California and I've spent most of my life here.
Typically, I am fairly friendly and laid back. Moments do occur where this is not the case, but not too terribly often, so don't be afraid to message me! I don't bite... Well not always anyways.

That's the little bit in a nutshell you'll all get for now.
Omfg hi. :d
Well, hello my lovely Nocturnal friend. <3

6 more posts to 100. (Sorry, had to make my character count above 10. <_<)
Oh. Only six! Well, I only have about 97 posts to go then!!! Haha.
4 now, thanks for the post count increase. <3
Welcome! I'm a n00b too. I hope you have a good time here!
welcome to the forums :3
Welcome to the Gs community of friends

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