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Leg Shaking and Twitching
Ever since a few years ago, around when I began high school, I've started to shake my leg, mainly the right one.

Apparently it's noticeable, and my mum keeps trying to get me to stop it, but I start doing it again without noticing.

I see that alot of other people do this, and I was wondering if anybody else does it? Is it okay do you think? My mother asked me about restless legs syndrome but I'm not sure. I also often have little nervous twitches or tics where I move suddenly, or do something involuntarily like ask the time very loudly, or my neck twitches.

I never worried about it before, but now that I know it's noticeable I'm a bit concerned.
I do it all the time (: Nothing bad has happened to me yet Smile
If in doubt see the doc. That's what they are there for. I shake a fair bit but have Parkinsons.
If I say it happens to me too, that might cause some alarm. But from a neurological point of view, don't worry about it if you do not have any other symptoms Smile
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-.-; silly Mum always has to scare me about these things. Smile
When Im sitting at a desk in front of my PC or even in the boardroom, my right leg or foot is always bouncing - and not to a tune!

Funnily it doesn't happen when Im at home sitting watching TV. Go figureRide
My legs are bouncing right now actually. Doesn't seem like a problem. Maybe stretch some and go for a walk/jog?
In summers my legs 'bounce' while seated, in winter my legs are at rest.

Why? Seasonal Affected Disorder - I'm depressed in winter (low energy) hypo-manic in summer - high energy.

I'm not saying you are SAD or manic, I'm saying you have more energy.

Either it is healthy energy, such as being young and just sitting around too much, or its nervous energy. Nervous energy can be healthy to a point, but is unhealthy if it turns into an anxiety.
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