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Yes Rose's Lime Cordial is an English classic...
peterinmalaga Wrote:We don't have lemonade in Spain. (Can't believe I'm writing this, thought it was all a joke). But we have Gaseosa which is similar and has zero calories. It's good in the summer to stop dehydration setting in. In Italy they call it Gasosa. I can't be bothered to make real lemonade unless I have a sore throat and then I put honey and whiskey or brandy in it.

I don't think this is true Peter, as when I was a kid we used to get this lemonade in Spain from bottles with a special cap. I think the brand was Caserna, or Caserta...
Quote:Yes Rose's Lime Cordial is an English classic...

Great with lager, especially during the summer.
About limeade and lemonade, I also specially like the signature drink of a chain in Texas name "SONIC". It tastes like soda + limeade and a blend of some real fruits.
Rychard the Lionheart Wrote:I just found this on the net.

Brown lemonade is a lemonade sold in Northern Ireland alongside the more recognisable "white lemonade" ...
I was talking to someone today who said their boss refers to Guinness as "brown lemonade".
Brown lemonade sounds like tainted lemonade that turned brown. However, I know that is not the case. I definitely want to try it someday.
FAO. Cutieboy.

Here is the name & address of a company in Northern Ireland which produces a brown lemonade.

Maine Soft Drinks
35 Ballymena Road
Ballymoney BT53 7EX

Telephone: 028 2766 2088

Maine Soft Drinks - Welcome To The Home Of Maine

Try them, they may have a agent in the U.S.

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