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Let's just Talk .. v1.00
so what topic to start .. i hope trump .. wins .. taddaaa ..
I'm not really political so I don't know much about it but here in the UK most people I know really don't like Trump.
well .. i think it's because of his hair and his ego .. but i think the men would have like to have given him tribute for all the women he has undressed.
Haha sounds like a perfectly reasonable reason to vote for someone.
well yeah .. so one of my videos on youtube just reached the 1k mark!! yipee .. next stop .. 10k .. wahoo ..!! .. also it has had the most likes out of all of my youtube videos...

Congrats knicker! Smile
thanks Justaguy
Don't really know what to talk about haha.... erm, I think I might be coming down with the flu.
Justy - have something mega spicy today! Honestly I swear by chillies to kill off colds and flu... When I was a chef and used to get the back of the nose/throat tingle, I'd make a tea by pouring boiling water on crushed chillies. Once cool, I'd gulp it down quickly. Yes it's hot but it'd kill off whatever was developing in my throat and I'd rather have 5 minutes going 'hot hot hot hot' than 5 days with a cold! Plus there's always the possibility it could develop into the deadly manflu strain, which we all know is horrific.
Woah cheers Ian, never heard of that before...yeah I would much rather eat chillies than get manflu. I might have to go get some because I don't think I have anything particularly spicy in the house...

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