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Let the games begin
Tomorrow,the Olympic games will be officialed kicked if in Beijing.More than anything,I'm looking forward to the opening ceremony.I've heard that it's going to be spectactularly spectactular.The little of the rehearsals that I've seen are very enticing.I just love opening ceremonies,all those people,the lights,the sounds.I just hope that I will get the chance to watch it at work tomorrow.
I too love the opening ceremonies... could cut a few hours but the pageantry is so wonderful. Talk about a LOT of people... China certainly has that going for them so should be insane from that perspective.

Actually, I was just looking up the schedule. We will be able to see them live on some channel but it will be re-broadcast in the evening. I usually tape the event just incase it is the bomb.

I always used to watch the Olympics at my gran and grandad's place in Derbyshire as a boy ... I'd get up early and sit in their conservatory and feel the heat of the day warming up the room ... drawing stuff on a notepad with coloured pens and watching the events.

Happy memories Confusedmile:.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
And I used to get to stay up late to watch the gymnastics etc. as my mum liked watching that :biggrin:
Must say i never liked the summer olympics. I was always all about the winter sports...

That said i always make an exception to watch long distance running, I find it so satisfying watching other people run for hours while i'm sat with a cup of tea writing poetry or something...

I love hard work - i could watch it all day hehe

Only one hour to go till the opening ceremony!Apparently the spectacle alone cost $400 million,that's CRAZY!They've promised it to be the biggest,bravest and most breath-taking opening ceremony EVER!It better not disappoint...

That is all I can say.

hated the commentary and all the commercials but the visuals were just stunning... you were right, LOL.
Excellent ceremony [Image: rock.gif] however i'm adverse to sports lol if its on i'll watch the track and gymnasts but i don't plan to watch.....and also ping pongs a sport [Image: thGrumpyhead.gif] i avoided "Sports" throughout highschool by pretendin to play ping pong/table tennis ....thats no sport [Image: frazzeled.gif]
I read an interesting opinion on another forum... it was from a native Chinese. He said that the opening was too "Chinese"! Even he didnt understand some of the symbolism. I thought that was very very interesting... maybe the Chinese Gov was trying to brainwash the viewers, LOL.

The coverage is really crap here. There are suppose to be five or six channels but most of them are NOT showing Olympic coverage. Viewers are already complaining that there are few live events due to the time differences. They play the same events over and over again... I guess some events are still in the preliminary stage...

Gymnasts was amazing... one Chines guy had the most amazing chest/nipples/face *faint
Also just discovered that some of the fireworks were animated for the tv screens... they faked the fireworks... the Chinese faked fireworks

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