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Lil Nas X "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)"
Rapper Lil Nas has recently released his music video for his new song "MONTERO" The openly gay rapper is not shy about his sexuality and expresses that in his lyrics and music videos. 

What are you're thought on the music video? 

I for one applaud Lil Nas, He is making history by being one of the few openly queer musicians who do not shy away from speaking on their sexuality. And also as a black male breaking down stereotypes set for black men and other queer POC members. I appreciate that younger gay black men (and other POC) have someone they can look up to, It's already hard being a gay person and trying to find representation in media but even harder when you are a black gay man. You will always be put in a box of either being Closeted, on drugs/selling, and or in jail hooking up with other inmates, So this really means a lot to me as a gay black male to see another person like me celebrating their sexuality and being unapologetic about it.
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Love it. Him being totally in your face about his queerness and desires is sooo refreshing. It’s a long way from Bronski Beat’s coy “Small Town Boy” (which was the first gay song for me) to this campfest. More please.

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The song is in my playlist. 

I watched his BET performance but I think it was lacking with umph. I think he was nervous. I was expecting more especially during the Remember the Time MJ tribute breakdown. He was dancing but not much of energy. Nonetheless it was great to see the MJ homage.
I'm not into hip hop usually, but I really like this song.
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