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List 5 Must To Do things
In no particular order:

1. Learn sailing hopefully my own boat
2. Write and publish some books
3. Sky diving
4. Fall in love
5. Travel to places i havent been.

An addition to make it more fun and perhaps more challenging! Try to:
Must : Say 5 must to do things short term and 5 things long term
Want : Say 5 things you want to do short term and 5 things long term

Oh dear! Must do or want to do?

1 * Must correct all my papers.
2 * Must correct all my papers.
3 * Must correct all my papers.
4 * Must stop procrastinating and learning Greek from Kaltses.
5 * Would love to be with my loved one...
Why stop at five?
In no order:

1. Travel.
2. Fall in love.
3. Find a job I love.
4. Have a child.
5. Move to Brighton.
soulmeetsbody Wrote:In no order:

1. Travel.
2. Fall in love.
3. Find a job I love.
4. Have a child.
5. Move to Brighton.

I think you may have to finish your studies first... but things will fall into place if you set your heart in it.
Haha oh yes.. maybe I should break the rules a little and add a 6th thing to my list!

6. Finish studies.

I did say why stop at five? Here shops go on until at least 7:30!!! Lol.

Do you remember those days when shops all opened at 9 and closed at 5 in Great Britain? Maybe you're too young to remember those days.

It was anathema to us French people. But then we'd go into hiding for two hours at lunchtime. That too has changed.
Haha most shops around here still open at 9 and close at 5! Tongue
Because who would even want to go out shopping at night when it's raining???? :confused:
1. Complete my studies and decide what I want to be.
2. Property develop :biggrin:
3. Meet up with a few people.
4. Enjoy life. (Fall in love and that mumbo Jumbo)
5. Be there for mates as much as they have with me.
[COLOR="Purple"]As I grow to understand less and less,
I learn to love it more and more.
1. Find a career.
2. Write my novel (in progress as you all know Big Grin )
3. Find the love of my life.
4. Get an MA and PhD.
5. Make a movie.

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