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Living through you
I have never had sex with another man and I am not likely to. I am married, I have two children, I will not risk that. I have often thought about it though. About having anothers dick in my mouth, or up my ass. Posting on this site is the closest I have come. I am hoping to exchange sexual fantasies with others through this site and emails. To live through the experences of those more free than myself. To share how I feel with someone real.
Welcome, saltash. While you may make contact with someone through this site, you may find you are disappointed if you are looking to explore your fantasies in the public forum. That tends not to happen on here. The old Rainbow Network was a more confessional forum, but I believe that has folded now.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

Best wishes
Hi all,
Um im not sure if this post is ment to try and cause offence as it comes accross very brupt.. I take it your in denial of yourself mate??? I mean if ya were completely hetrosexual and not in denial of yourself then you wouldnt have posted here..
You state you want to share sexual fantasies through people yet your admitting your never gonna get screwed with another guy... That to me mister indicates your invading our privacy and considering your a married man with 2 kids and whatnot i doubt your wife would take kindly to finding her fella on a gay site with gay men talking about gay topics.?? Eventually mister people do get found out and it becomes a de-railed train effect as the world explodes in ur mind in thirty seconds flat and then you have the LONG story of trying to talk yourself out.. Trust me mister ma mum found out i was gay when i accidentally left porn on the computer and she went viewing taking washing up..

Now the best thing to do is either admit it to yourself and be more free about who you are (you aint getting any younger) OR post topics about non sexual things as eventually people get caught out

Kindest regards

zeon x
I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with my bluntness. I didn't mean to. I am new to the site and on futher exploration, I have found it to be more about community than enything else. I would have rethought my post if I had read further before posting it.
Since I certainly dont know ya I wont judge ya... you did make a small error with your language but there may be some on the site that can understand... My first advice would be Never say NEVER!

I am not in a position to chat ya up sexually but if you want to PM me I certainly would like that.
Im certainly not offended by what you said but as Marshlander said its not really that sort of site. Would be good to chat to you though and you can allways call on us for advice if you so wish.
Hi All,
Me not offended either i may have sopunded bit snappy but sowwie jus wishing i was better Sick

kindest regards

zeon xz

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