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Lonely and want some friends please
Hi Everyone

I am Gavin and this is the first time I have ever used a chat facility and finally had to do something as at 43 I have never had a relationship, Let alone a gay one. (A girlfriend at 16 but just kisses which I knew that it just didn't feel right)
Just typing this is hard for me and although most people know I am gay, My father doesn't.
I just want friends and other people to like me for who I am.
A shy nervous person , But hope that this forum can help me.

Hello Gavjg, and welcome to the forums, if your looking for friendship your in the right place &^.^
Thank you ZennyBoy
You'll find that you make lots of friends when you open up more, just don't let the negative people get you down and make you hide yourself away. Everyone has a trait that someone else loves. Smile
I'll be your friend -raises hand as high as i can possibly reach-

Haha, you came to the right place were a friendly bunch. Smile
Thanks for everyone who has replied already, Eventually I might be brave enough and put up a picture of myself.
Being a person who is not very confident and dislikes myself, This will be hard as I just feel too ugly.
Talking to other people like myself may hopefully give me confidence to open up more.
I think that Gay people are much kinder than those who are not, And you never know I might even help other people on here !
WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY And I really appreciate those of you who have taken the time to read this. XX
hey , welcome to the forum ! (^_^*)
G Day Gavin and welcome to Gayspeak
Hi and welcome to GS! You've found the right place! From your profile you don't sound so ugly so I'll be interested in having fun getting to know you and maybe some time chatting about changing that self image! Working on that one day at a time can be a very positive and rewarding process and it is NEVER too late! Love and stuff Remybussi
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
Nice to meet you Gavin and welcome to the forums Confusedmile:

There is a plethora of friendly types here, I doubt once you start posting on a regular basis and joining in the fun, you won't be wanting for friends very long Confusedmile:

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