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Long distance relationships, can they really work?
So guys, I was wondering do long distance relationships actually work or can survive when the individuals live at opposite ends of a country? Can meeting someone online and having an online relationship work when the two people live so far away? Yeah the two would have to meet eventually and see if they like each other etc. Obviously the two would have to have seen each other before so there weren't any stalkerish surprises or any cases of mistaken identity.

So masses of the Gayspeak forum what do you think? Can an online long distance relationship really work?
I had a relationship that transitioned into a long distance one, and it didn't work for me. For some people it works, and I think part of it would depend on how long you're away from each other. See each other once a week? Well lot's of people make relationships like that work. Once a year, I'm not sure I could do that.
When a subject is highly controversial — and any question about sex is that — one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.
- Virginia Woolf
I think they are very difficult. You can make them work, but I would suggest very open and honest communication with each other.

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It can work if you have commitment, patience, trust and of course, undivided love.

My ex colleague used to live in London for a few years whilst her boyfriend was in Malaysia. Then they switched places. Her boyfriend went to UK and she returned to Malaysia.

They are both now in Malaysia and still two nauseating love birds. They celebrated their fifth anniversary two months ago.

P/S: I forgot to mention. They originally met through Myspace (Or was it Friendster). Her boyfriend got her number through a friend and he gave her a call. She thought it was a prank at first.
Persoanlly I do think they can work if the individuals are commited. Confusedmile:
Having just got off the phone after talking to PA for two and a half hours I think I can say yes they can.
who's PA? if you don't mind me asking.
102 posts and you don't know princealbertofb? How can this be? Rolleyes

p.s. I don't mind you asking Wink
i think they can work. I lasted 3 months with my ex when she moved out of state and im in a long distance relationship now and its working very well.
oh I've seen someone around called that, wow is he your partner? wow thats nice Confusedmile:

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