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Long distance relationships, can they really work?
Yes mrk2010, they can work. My dad and stepmom met online back in 199fucking8, my dad and I lived in Minnesota and she lived in Florida. After a few visits, she ended up moving in with us and later we moved down to Florida and they've been together ever since.

And for me, my girlfriend and I met on while I was in Florida and she was in Guam. She moved back to California briefly, then flew out to Florida to see me and we stuck together and eventually moved back to California and we've been together for near 2 years now.

It's definitely possible, but it sure ain't for everyone.
Glad to know they can work Confusedmile:
LDRs can work if both people in the pairing trust each other, and are open and honest with each other.

I was involved with a guy who lived in Oklahoma a few years ago, the relationship lasted about 7 months. We talked daily, and saw each other as often as possible. In the end we decided we were too different to make it as a couple, so it wasn't the distance that caused us to seperate.

Another relationship I had was with a guy who lived in New Zealand. We met online and became friends. He few to NYC to meet, and I was clueless to the fact that he was really crushing on me through our conversations and phone calls.

The first night we met, there were sparks, and we spent a week together, acting like lovebirds. I later went to New Zealand for 10 days to see him, and we acted the exact same way. This time, it was the distance that caused us to break up. We couldn't justify a move having only actually been in the same space for a max of 17 days, so we went our seperate ways.

He and I are still friends, but not lovers anymore. In fact, he has a new partner.

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