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Looking for game reviewer(s) for iPhone/iPad games
Have a game you think deserves a review? Want to tell other people about it? I am looking for a few reviewers for my open-source iOS game development website. I was doing this myself but I just can't keep up. This is a non-profit project.

If you would like to help out let me know!


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My experience is that all video games end up sucking in one way or another.

Games like WOW have endless 'grinding' or farming in order to get anywhere. Other games usually start off with a good concept and screw the pooch in the end, or they just drop it mid stream and package it and sell it.

I am hyper-critical of games. Spore (as one example) started out nicely, then EA games came out with the expansion pack and didn't fix previous bugs and made a huge mess since things made in the adventures show up in the main game play.

Sim-city rush hour - they never got the idea that people love to play sandbox, instead of having a mode to where you could create beautiful working cities, all cities end up being too much of a challenge. There fix was to allow people to mod, but mods broke the game more often than not.

Game makers also have this terrible tendency to make the first hour of game play fantastic - which is great because the 'trial time' is about 60 minutes - then the game slows down and turns to shit.

Need I continue? I can slam games all day long and still have more to say. I can nit-pick them to pieces.

I would like for one company to create a product and stick with it and actually listen to the players.
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I could help with Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS and 3DS games
I would like the help, but my site is only for iPhone/iPad games...

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