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Looking for someone :[
I'm in some real need for some loving =[[
Lmfao.... i've never actually had a real relationship in my life.. and i'm 16.

And I would love one.. either in r/l or online...

any takers?
You're 16. Why not take a different view of things instead of posting on forums looking for guys (I'm not saying you doing that is a bad thing I'm just saying there are easier ways to meet guys in ways which aren't as forward and will possibly benefit you and this guy (if you meet a guy) in the future)

Why not try an online community such as Habbo Hotel where you can meet loads of guys who possibly aren't gay but you can still make some great friends and possibly boyfriends. There are user-created gay rooms in the hotel that are open the majority of the time in which you can meet people...

I'm possibly out of line by questioning your techniques in getting guys but for me, if I met someone via a site like this it would probably make me question whether they are posting things on sites like this asking for quickies, then again... I'm like that.

Good luck in finding a guy Smile
thanks a lot :]
im already on habbo ..
What's your name on it and what hotel?
hotel: uk
name: wolk
haha, I know you. Well not personally but I've seen you around Smile
lmao who are you?
.............. lol :]

how're you?
Dude very few gays have relationships at 16. Dont be in a rush, im 18 and (or as good as) and relitively happy being single and im in the same state as you.

Everyone gets it in their head they need someone, fact is you got to be happy by yourself before you can open up to anyone else.

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