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Looking good after 40
Well i got inspired by a comment shadow made on Michael's looks but not only that. I might meet a guy this weekend who comes to london for a few a days from somewhere not far from here and in his 40's he looks dashing. I say 'i might' because i haven't chatted to him much and also i am afraid to be rejected in any level by a handsome and possibly very well balanced guy who i could be interested in, you know (hope not!) the disappointment ... anyway that is a bit off topic but if anyone has something to say on that is welcome.

So .... How they do it? i dont know if it's only but i see a many handsome men who are in their forties , keeping fit and in contrast i see these other men with more to love bit like myself or the other end, people looking tired in their 20's. However i have started thinking of getting older or shall say looking older myself as i am going thirty next Spring!:biggrin:
What you think makes people look good and keep them young looking? Is it keeping fit, the pretty clothes, their attitude or some moisturizer and a nip'n'tuck? And most importantly what keeps someone young at heart???

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



Ooh good questions :biggrin:.

Well as I'm only your age, I cannot say for certain, but I would venture a couple of suggestions, such as ...

1) By the time you're 40 you REALLY should be settled professionally and lifestyle-wise ... I know this is often not the case, but in my mind that's kinda a target age ...

REALLY-speaking, you should be on your way by the time you hit 30 !!

2) Comfort stems from certainty, and certainty can come from success ... so if you're professionally successful AND comfortable with yourself, then you'll have a healthier life ethic. Less stress = better presented as a character.

3) You'll be considering retirement (not in the IMMEDIATE future, but as an idea), so you've got longer-term goals to look forward to.

HOWEVER, NEVER underestimate how people view others. I know plenty of 40+ guys who look at guys our age and younger and think we've got it made ... they forget the insecurities of being young (I'm much more secure than I was when I was, say, 18, but that's another story), and think that ours is a comparatively beautiful life ...

... the grass is always greener ...

... and babe ? Don't worry - ANY man would be lucky to have you xx


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
I think it so depends on the person.

Shadow has some good points but my partner and I are the complete opposite of what he wrote. Being artists you never know if/when you will find success or how long it will lasts and that stress or love of your art can keep you young too.

Our business was making designer young menswear in a very sporty fashion. Having your own business is also stressful and can keep you young or kill you.

I guess I was lucky never learning to drive so only walked, ran or cycled. Last lived in San Francisco and could cycle or run the highest of hills for hours.

For my 40th birthday I went to a clinic to get the "40 year old male checkup" and that was the end of my health. Stay away from doctors!

They found that I had Hep C and had it for about 20+ years but no one could tell from my health. I moved back to a small town in Pennsylvania to help my parents out and treat for Hep C. The treatment nearly killed me but it did cure my Hep C. Two and a half years after ending all treatment I am still suffering from the medication/poison. I am totally disabled and only dream about holding a job.

So having the right attitude and looking at life positively and handling stress the right way will keep you young but if you dont have your health you dont have shit!

Stay healthy my young friends.

Oh frank

Does the effect from the medication go away at some point? i hope you get back on your feet soon!

You make an interesting point , looking good is not as important as being healthy. Now that i get older i say to people when they ask my age : 'I survived 29 years !!!' Laugh1


Lots of love xx

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



I'll add a hug as well fjp999 xx


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
First to Frank....

That is SO messed up. Typical of the medical profession. (Tip: If you want to stay healthy stay away from doctors!) So ridding you of Hep C that you'd had for twenty years and where as healthy as a horse has made you sicker than you ever were. Welcome to medicine in america.

"Bloated? Take this little pill. Side affects are brain tumors, cancer, alzheimers and eventually death. But you'll die bloat free". Scary shit. I'm really sorry that you've gone through that. A trainer at my gym is going through the same fight. They said she's had it since her teens. She's a perfect physical specimen. I told her to keep doing what she's doing.

1. As for staying young, I think very often gay men have been given a benfit of a few years anyway. I was working last yer with this guy who told me, "Yeah, wait till you hit 30 man and then it's all down hill. You won't keep those abs then!" One of those little frozen momments in time that you savour for years to come. When he found out I was over It seems that gay men get about a 10 year advantage over their straight counterparts....although that may just be because our competition stays higher...and well, kids will kill you ;-)

2. But we both also live very healthy lifestyles. Lots of exercise, eat really well don't take tons of medications and make sure we detox as well as we can. Taking care of yourself inside and out is important, and you need to start before you start falling apart. You can reverse a lot of damage, but it's better to start before it happens.

3. This is just opinion...but I think being in love and happy has kept me younger than anything else. Negativity brings your whole system down. All your body chemistry changes when you are angry or depressed. Happy people live and stay younger longer. As well, keeping fit and attractive for your partner. At least that is important for me. My sister and her husband stopped worrying about their looks as soon as the rings went on.... He said "I have her, what does it matter now?" I personaly find this disrepectful towards my mate.

Plus it's nice to be admired ;-)

But in todays toxic environement, we are bombarded by hundreds of foreign chemicals every single day that work to make us less healthy.
Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and big HUGS. Really means a lot to me.

To answer some of your questions...

They dont know when my system will recover. My last liver specialist visit said 6 or 7 years. She is the one who kept saying "We apologize for destroying your life". I was amazed that she admitted it... I dont know where she pulled these numbers from???

My new doc doesnt think there is much chance for improvement. They seemingly have not only messed with my cells but also genes.

The new meds coming out in genetics is gonna be really scary. STAY HEALTHY AND AWAY FROM DOCS.

Michael, you are sooooo right. My neighbor found out she has Hep C and probably got it from her mom at birth. She has lived with it for 50+ years and is very healthy. I begged her NOT to treat but she didnt listen. Now she is suffering after treatment and get this, treatment didnt work for her so she still had C and now they are looking at how it affected her bone marrow. Modern medicine is the scariest thing ever and the patient has NO say.

I hope your trainer friend listens to you. If she needs to talk there is a great forum I could introduce her to. If her liver isnt affected there is no reason to treat now.

But again, Michael has many good points. I am starting to worry about all out food sources. Even if you decide to buy organic you still have the poisoned water, air and ground. We have created a real mess for ourselves.

thanks again all and stay healthy,
Hey Frank....

We own a studio for Colon Hydrotherapy in Danville (you mentioned you used to live in the city....) I would stringly recomend you find someplace in your area to start a detox program. You might alsl find someplace that does foot detoxing with an Ion Spa. Both these treatments will help you clean out your system.

This is also something that very few doctors will tell you. How bad so many of these programs are for your intestines and internal organs. Most doses of heavy medications will cause severe constipation...resulting in toxic build ups that can be very dangerous. If yo've never tried colon hydrotherapy, take a look at our website. It should answer any questions you might have regarding both procedures.

Just don't ask your doctor what he thinks....he'll just give you more pills. We have nurses and doctors come to us for treatment, complaining about what they are required to do to their patients and how they would never allow it for their own family. It should be illegal.

If you can find a good colon hydrotherapist in your area I can't recommend it enough.
Sorry, but that just makes me more and more angry!! I wish I could get my mom a hold of you, I know she could make a difference. (oops, she's the therapist...not for like a spanking or something ;-) )

The more we are into the alternative health practice the more I learn and distrust the medical community. We have more and more clients come to us who have been ruined by doctors... ggggrrrrrrrr

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