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Lost Complete Collection Blu-Ray
Hey all,

I just got the Lost Complete Collection on Bluray for christmas (joygasm!!) I was just wondering if anyone else got it and can compare notes on the crazy easter eggs in the box. I swear to God that I've spent more time looking at the box than the episodes (which are very pretty in HD).

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can honestly say ive never seen a full episode but it did look fun at the start - just didnt want to get sucked into another series....they seem to take up so much of your time when u get a fave you cant do without, had friends who loved that series though
Lost really took up a lot of time. If you didn't start from the very beginning, you were pretty much screwed. Tv really does take up too much of your time.

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Lost was a waist of time and i met one of the writers and told him that
I never got into Lost. LOL @ your comment, Dave.
Yeah I fell off the show after like the 3rd episode.
I had this woman at work blow the whole ending for me in some random conversation :mad:

She watched it lots, and the last season had just finished and she was like "oh you know blah blah blah..." and pretty much ruined it *sigh*

I kinda liked it at first and meant to come back and finish up but after that I probably won't, the mystery's gone. These guys Adam & Joe had a theory that every time it got boring they just threw in another hatch to discover ^_^
Wow. That really sucks. The ending was kinda a letdown though. But they added in an extra epilogue episode that explains a bunch of the unanswered hatchy stuff. But I'm saving it till I rewatch the entire series again. I'm just madly in love with the show like that.

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The show just went on and on, lost interest after season 1.
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