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Lost virginity using grindr
I've always considered myself to be a good guy. Never do anything wild or outrageous or dangerous. Last Saturday I was feeling a little down about still being single, a virgin and really alone. I've heard people talking about grindr before so I thought might as well have a little fun and check it out. So I downloaded it and created my profile. Within minutes I was getting loads of messages. It seemed like such fun. At first it was just chatting to a few guys but before I knew it i was sending pictures of certain parts of my body (you can prob guess what lol). I wasn't taking it too seriously, I have never done anything like that before and it was fun. I got a good few offers but turned them down, thinking no way would I ever do that. A few hours later, I was still on it, enjoying the attention I was getting, I had been chatting to this guy since I joined and he seemed nice. He was in a relationship but wasn't really looking for anything apart from chatting. He lived nearby and asked if I wanted to come round for a chat, at first I said no, he reassured me that he wasn't after anything and if I wanted to be friends, he could advise me on using grindr and meeting guys etc. I agreed to come round and we did have a really long chat about it all. Eventually we got close and ended up in his bedroom. I never expected to do that but i didn't stop myself. He explained that he was in an open relationship and it was ok. We ended up having sex. It was great and a lot of fun but I still can't believe I lost my virginity to a guy I met on grindr. Never in a million years thought that would happen. Still getting offers and arranging to meet up with guys. Didn't realised I had this side to me! There's a few words that could be used to describe myself but life's short and I no longer care. God I need help lol
Haha ya I felt the same way, but a couple of years ago roughly the same thing happened with me, only it was online not on Grindr. Unfortunately it can be hard to meet other gay guys in "real life", so this is just how stuff goes for a lot of us... oh well. Anyway glad you had a good time. Smile
lol, waohhh I sure hope you don't become and addict, and pleaseeee safe sex always!

But I'm happy you had a good time at least, and you "lost your Virginity" though something like that is such a treasure to me. Don't think I'd have the balls to do what you do, lol, hey hopefully you can meet some guys this way and have some great friends.....or whatever else you wanna call them...
be careful......
Random hookups aren't my thing..simply not something I'd ever do. I'd want something more meaningful.

But if you're ok with that ... then cool Cool Just be matter what the other guy says about himself. Glad you you had a good time on your first time though Smile

What is grindr anyway? I keep seeing posts (here & elsewhere) where its mentioned...
Lol I never wanted a random hook up before before and always wanted my first time to be with someone I cared about but I was in a bit of a low place at the time. I did insist on being safe thou that's one thing I've always known I would do. Better safe than sorry.
steven88 Wrote:I did insist on being safe thou that's one thing I've always known I would do. Better safe than sorry.

Smart guy Yelclap
to me it seems unsafe to meet strangers and to go into their home -off the internet? not very likely -possibly not not likely

worse than a fricking bar -at least others see who you left with
I made sure and informed friends where I was and who I was with. They were nearby anyway
Well as long as you enjoyed it i guess.
I haven't much to add, but i do see it as a bit disrespectful of the guy you met with for him to go against your original intentions not to have sex, it's almost like he planed to have sex with ya all along...
Yeah, i know, i'm being cynical...:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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