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Hey my lovely people,
It's 5 and something AM and I shouldn't be awake but since many things are going on in my life I don't care about time anymore, whatever.
Listen, can any native English speaker help me to understand what Lady gaga means by the lyrics : "I'm a soldier to my own emptiness, I'm a winner"?
Thanks in advance,
Kyle xx
I think she implies that she fought her inner demons, and won.
I have insomnia, too, made worse by the brandy that no doubt caused it. And while I can't think of a good answer to your question right now I sometimes find this site useful and they do talk about the meaning in general in the comments section:

Hope that helps.
I was going to say something very similar to Bookworm
Thank you Bookworm.
Thanks Pix, I think I'll find that site useful as long as I like to pay attention to lyrics very much.

"marry the night" means she's going to go out and party and escape into the nightlife in order to to forget about all her problems. It's a fun dance anthem to use when your down and just wanna party your troubles away."

That's what I am doing...

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