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I'll just give you the link. It's so sad.
Cover: Young, Gay and Murdered in Junior High | Newsweek Culture |

I don't even know what to say
You're right babe, it is terribly sad ... as are some of the comments that people have posted to the article ...

I'm HORRIFIED at the number of "God loves all sinners, homosexuality is a sin, seek repentence and ye may yet win back his affection" comments that people have BELCHED out in response to such a horrible piece of news ...

... do people really think that it's OK to kill somebody because they were committing a "sin" ? Are these people MENTAL ???

Sometimes it feels like we're wasting our breath trying to teach people that we're not to be feared - you cannot talk sense to a closed mind.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
All i can say is this kind of thing really upsets me as i dont think that the kid that commited the crime was all his idea what i mean the anti-gay motive is unfortunatly usually implemented by parents or other adults with there own problems delusions but i may be wrong i wish this never happened to someone expressing themselves no matter what the age or orientation Cry

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