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MY 2012 Resolution to GET BF

Belated Happy New Year to US!

I got make a resolution for years ahead. The biggest and on top of the list is you know what????

It's GETTING BOY FRIEND! I am looking for a Korean guy ages 22 to 25! I demand not much things, just: a non smoker, height 170cm cox I'm 168 Smile
weight average is necessary...

physical appearance comes the rest after personality. So it's not visible appearance that main judgment cox It's won't last.

Well, if anyone of you match that criteria, hit me up...

See you soon!

Good luck and happy new years! I hope you find what you're looking for.
mine was to ask out my boyfriend. But we just held eachoters hands and didn't even have to say. and we also have a very easy to remeber anavsery. The 1st around 4am Tongue
i hope you find the one. I love asians lol.
Wishing you the man of your dreams and endless happiness.:biggrin:
thank you everyone. btw i guess admin dont allow me to post my ym id
in dat case wonder how can someone hit me up geezzz
here is my ym a r g e 6 9 1 2 a t y a h o o d o t c o m....
better make dis way so no more omission
catch me there guys!
My best advice is never look for a boyfriend... Reason being is because true love happens naturally when u go looking for one its usually a one night stand and the next day its over as they get home to be never seen again

Kindest regards

zeon x
Thanks for your kind concern Zeon. I appreciate it.
I couldn't say no to your saying. That's absolutely what happen mostly over the time.
In my experience, whenever someone trying to get close, what he seeks apparently is to have sex cam. Really detest! Not being hypocrite though sex is essentially occupy love but does not mean it has to be the everything in a relationship in my opinion. So to speak.

Hence, I will wait for the right one to come! Hope it will be a no vain-waiting!
I know whejn i met my boyfriend that was purely because i didnt look for it and just saw him one day in a pub and thought id have a chat with him and make friends and then it turned into lovers and been six years to date however with previous partners they havent lasted long because ive gone looking for it

kinbdest regards

zeon x
Welcome to the site, my resolution is to come out more and avoid relationships ><. Good hunting, lol.

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