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Madonna and that other guy divorce
Well,I certainly did not see this coming.Today,Madonna confirmed that they were indeed divorcing after 8 years of marriage.They seemed to be very happy to me.Guy Ritchie was always going to be overshadowed by his wife's success though.Allegations of adultery are rumoured to be the cause of the split but both parties deny this claim.Hopefully now Madonna will drop that accent and move back to [email protected]
WOW !!!!

Neither did I

Nice to see you posting again Dan

[Image: hug.gif]

that poor guy looked miserable for years... hope them all well, especially the kids.
That's really sad. They were constantly being pestered with rumours they were splitting, must have driven them mad. Poor kids :frown:
Like one of me kids said if the parents are unhappy chances the kids are doing miserably. So perhaps it is best for all.
I'm a huge Madonna fan and have seen this coming for ages. It's a shame though.
A Madonna fan myself however i think it must have been difficult to be married to her. Not only because of her fame i just cant see Madonna being a wife. I see her being a stuborn kind of woman not a great quality to have in a relationship. I am sure they will both be fine.

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



But Madge really did try to be a real English wife and I respect her for trying.Well,except when she fell from that horse.Yeah,the kids.I read that the eldest,Lourdes,wants to be with her dad in NYC.Theres also talk of there being NO PRE NUP.One source says Guy has always been in it for the cash.hehe.I think that Madge's infedility was the cause of the divorce.They hadnt been intimate for about a year and she was being linked to an American sports star.
Dan1089 Wrote:But Madge really did try to be a real English wife ...
I'm trying really hard to think of which of the many English wives I've met that she was trying to be like ... nope, just can't bring one to mind, sorry Wink

Sorry for any break up, though. I hope they all find what they are seeking.

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