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Makes You Gag?
Is there any food that makes you gag (or spit it out) after you put it in your mouth?

Mine is squash - eggplant - or cooked zucchini. I can't even swallow it. I start gagging and heaving right away - not sue if it is the taste or the texture or both but I don't go near it now. 

I also gag at the smell of lamb or veal and I have never tasted either of them because the smell make s me sick to my stomach.

Any good have that effect on you?
Not quite so visceral but I hate, hate, hate beets.

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(04-27-2021, 10:57 PM)Bhp91126 Wrote: Not quite so visceral but I hate, hate, hate beets.

Now that you mention it - so do I.
There isn't a lot of food that makes me gag. The only food I could think of that might make me gag is if it came from, I don't know, puppies. I might gag if a plate of human flesh was put in front of me, but not when I see it in fiction, no matter how graphic. Eating eyeballs, no matter what animal it came from, isn't for me either. Other than that, I have a pretty eclectic taste of food. However, I do have a sort-of, I don't know how to describe it, hesitation when it comes to eating certain foods. It's not so much a gagging as it is me trying to overcome the child in me that would have gagged in days long come to past. A good example would be salmon roe, my favorite sushi. Whenever I order it, I have to prep myself by telling myself it's from a trusted restaurant and people do it all the time, but when I take that first bite - ecstasy in my mouth!
The only food that would make me gag is eating insects. Or snails most likely. I haven't tried either of those things but I can imagine the revulsion would be enough. Over more "normal" foods however? Even if I really dislike the taste or texture of a food my reaction wouldn't be gagging.
Onions. I hate them
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Cow's tongue... ewwwww tried it when I was ickle and was disgusting! Sad The smell of it when my dad boiled it up on the stove was awful too. The texture seems too much like a human tongue and the taste wasn't very nice either!
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@andy I don't think I would like that either....

I did try, by accident, tripe... I ordered combination Pho which had chicken, beef and what I thought was some sort of seafood...I was mistaken. It wasn't so much that it was bad but knowing what it was.

I hate liver, that shit is gross. If there's anything I have had that would be like eating shit, liver is it.

Peanut Butter and pickle sandwiches...

Pickles and ice cream....

Pigs feet...

Pickled Herring...

Those are things I think are gross and are gag worthy.
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Y'all too squeamish. Growing up, I got one hell of a spanking if I didn't eat what my parents put on my plate.
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Kidney beans!  Barf   I just can't stand the texture of them for some reason.
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