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Making out

Gay is happiness
JIsTheNewK, looks like the beginning of a porn clip by Randy Blue to me.... The kissing is hot, indeed. Very animalistic. Are you officially allowed to watch the rest of this???
From our French director Jérôme Anger: Autopsy

Quite a lot of kissing in this German First Time too

A pity trailers can't be happier....
Well technically, no I'm not, but it's seriously hot! My god, princealbertofb, THANK YOU!
Gay is happiness
Lol, JIsTheNewK... it won't be long till you're ''old enough''... to enjoy all the porn in the world, haha. It's rather overrated, but maybe not so overrated when you don't have the real thing available...
JisthenewK Wrote:

I admit I don't feel the chemistry from them. But you are right, making out can be hotter than sex itself (even in the real life Smile)

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