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Hokay, who here regularly uses, a manbag ?

For those of you that don't know what a manbag is, it's an over-the-shoulder single-strap bag that looks similar to the type of bag the postman usually carries ...

This ==> <== is a manbag.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
The closest thing I have to that is my laptop bag... and that carries my laptop in it!

Rucksacks for everything else!
I can't operate without my manbag!My colleagues tease me because I stuff everything in it.It's a jungle in there!
I voted for "I don't have one". What is a manbag? Is it like a man-purse?
Ooh ! So far it's the non-manbaggers that are in the lead ... I wonder how much longer it'll stay that way ...

This poll functionality ROCKS !! Cool.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
i voted for "i don't have one" but i do know what they are and i'll probably never own one

Quote:What is a manbag? Is it like a man-purse?

yep, that's exactly what it is
Yup yup - I included a link to a URL where there's a picture of a manbag being modelled with my original post on this thread Confusedmile:.

I'm really surprised that more people don't have manbags !!!

At the moment it's a WHOPPING victory for the wtf is a manbaggers ... hahaha !!


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
If it doesn't carey your testicles inside you shouldn't own one. Like pets in clothes..... just plain silly.

And who did the styling for that picture? ;-)
Don't start mentioning pets in clothes lol... One of my workmates has a chihuahua (sp?) and she dresses it up and even has a bloody pram for it!!

Shadow... do you have a manbag then?? !!
can we 'change' this poll please?? hehehhe

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