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This is the formula I prefer, it comes in others for other skin types. It's sold online, at Wal mart, Walgreens, USA Drug, K-Mart and a lot of other stores.

And you can do this Smile

[Image: superman-chest-hair.jpg]

[Image: imagesbatman-chest.jpg]

[Image: bra-fail-chest-hair-back_13140099684.jpg]
Those are so funny! Here's another version already in cream form.

IMPORTANT... this stuff can burn you so I don't suggest leaving it on long...
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Not embarrassing at all, you would be suprised how many men do the manscaping thing...that's why is has it own name now Wink

I still like a little hair down theere, so I just use a normal pair of hair clippers and trim it back to a #1 every month or so.
AtlantaMan Wrote:This is a little embarrassing but being a hairy guy, I guess you wouldn't be surprised that I have a little more hair on the shaft of my cock than I'd like.

I'm considering manscaping but am worried about how to maintain it. If I shave, in a few days it will be bristly. The thought of plucking each hair sounds awful.

Any ideas?

Cutting it down, but it'll still feel a little tingly... Maybe it's not as awful as having ingrown hairs (mentioned by someone else) or having to go through the whole Brazilian (waxing sounds too painful for that area). The whole thing about cutting (back) any part of your body hair is how it looks in general after you've done the cutting; You need to keep it looking as normal as possible. Just trim it.
Laser removal may be the way to handle it but
1) it's costly
2) potentially embarrassing... ?

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