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May not be as active on the forum this year.
Hey guys,

I may not be as active in the forum in the coming 9 months due to my teaching course. It's looks like a lot of work but I think it may be the same as my degree in which I will then be able to be more active. Who knows, I'm just gonna give you all a heads up. To the people who email me I'll still be around in that respect for chats etc.

Cheers mrk2010
Good luck with your classes. Pop in when you can.
Good luck with your future endeavors, hopefully you can still drop in now and then in the meantime!
good luck! I hope you do well.
great to hear that you're realizing your dream to become a teacher. Do come back once in a while, I'm gonna miss your spontaneous outbursts...but try to control your temper 'n keep your cool in RL, it's really the best advice I can give you. Best of luck man Smile
Good luck with it.
Good luck, I hope it doesn't get to rough.
good luck spunky
Good luck with the course, hope it isn't too much work.

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