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I am a relic from the past. At 12 I began admiring the phyical chracteristics of guys. Shortly afterwards I looked up homosxuality and lerned that what I desired was against the law.

I think there must be a lot of older guys like me in hetero relationships. Id especially like to get to know how these guys are fairing.

In todays brave new world of gay, Im an anachronism. But lifes good.
Hi welcome to GS Smile
An eye for an eye
Hi Erroll, welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing more from you.
welcome to the forum
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!
Welcome! Have fun!

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