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Me! :d
Im gay 5'8 short black hair and im 17 live in indy looking to make friends hmu SmileBiggrinflip
G Day Orreo...Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry? Smile

Welcome to gayspeak, hope you enjoy your time here.
Tongue Hey welcome to the forums!

woah your name reminded me of oreo cookies, I haven't had an oreo cookie for a LONG time. ... I prefer diversity!
hello and welcome to the forums,
Hope you enjoy your time here its a fab place

kindest regards

zeon x
Hi Orreo! I like your name, and I also like Oreos, but that is besides the point. Welcome to GaySpeak. I'm camodetective or Michelle, whichever.I'm 20. Oh! and... I'm a lesbian and what luck, I'm from Indiana too, only I live much further south. I'm glad you enjoy making friends, because so do I. Gah! I think I've rambled too much. Anyways, welcome and I hope you like it here.
Welcome, hope you have a nice time here. :-)
Hello Orreo welcome.

[Image: Welcome-2.gif]
welcome orreo... with a name like that, you must be sweet lol what do you like about oreos? I love the cream part! lmao
Welcome! Wavey
[SIZE="3"][COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Welcome to the forum..

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]

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