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Mel Gibson named among 'biggest homophobes'
Quote:The late Ronald Reagan, US president from 1981-89, secured a place on the list for several reasons but the biggest was his failure to give a formal speech about the AIDS epidemic until 1987 after thousands of people had died from the disease. Before he was president, Reagan reportedly called gay people 'sick unfortunate' and stalled repeal of anti-sodomy laws while governor of California in the state in the early ’70s.

I'd be more interested in the list of the 45 biggest homophobes who have since been caught in compromising positions with members of the same sex.
I don't think he's a homophobe I just think hes a bell end to everyone not just the gays.
Not surprised, it seems like he hates everyone.
he's a wife beater too so he's really covering all bases
All I can say to this is.....DUH!!!!
What is there to discuss here?
Mel Gibson appears to live in his own little, sheltered world. He being a Homophobe is no surprise.
Why Mel? I thought they'd stick to listing people who actually affect the grand scheme of things with their homophobic-ness like "Saint" Reagan.(Sorry East.:redfaceSmile
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
That list doesn't surprise me at all.

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