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Mel Gibson named among 'biggest homophobes'
Mel Gibson is just not sober very often these days, that's all. Plus he has ruined his career with his erratic behaviour.
That man is so full of hate , his eyes are floating in the toxic waste that used to be his soul.
I can't stand him, there is something very evil residing in him.
Rainbowmum Wrote:That man is so full of hate , his eyes are floating in the toxic waste that used to be his soul.
I can't stand him, there is something very evil residing in him.

I couldn't agree with you more, I can't stand watching him anymore in his movies without seeing and hearing the hatred that fills the man.
Genersis Wrote:Why Mel? I thought they'd stick to listing people who actually affect the grand scheme of things with their homophobic-ness like "Saint" Reagan.(Sorry East.:redfaceSmile

LOLOL...they (the Saint Reagan crowd) dont' even know what Reagan's ACTUAL record was...once I found out that even when presented to them they STILL insist on the fairy tale version I stopped trying.
Way way back in the middle of the last century, When Mel first became a movie star that people knew about (Mad Max -1979) There was a rumor that he did a few bit roles in gay and straight porn - that that is where is acting career really started.

We didn't have the internet back then to fact check.

It is possible that he might have made movies, it is also possible that he never did but the rumors got back to him and managed to make him a bit more angry on the subject.

Considering that more recent research points at closeted gay/bi men have more issues with LGBT than straight ones (or those who accept the touch of gay in their hair) it is possible that his 'issue' is one of not being able to accept his own sexuality, thus those 'rumors' based on fact or fiction may have hit much harder.

Of course there is the other forms of 'hate' he appears to have.

Appears. When a person gets drunk they say things and do things they can regret. An angry person will say hurtful and spiteful things when when calm they don't even actually think about such matters.

If Mel Gibson had become a plumber or a dentist, I doubt we would either know or care about his feelings. We only care because he is in the media and people chase him about and want to know when he shits, what color he shits, if it stinks, if it floats and if he wipes back to front or front to back.

The real sickness is not him, the real sickness is how society fixates on him and for that matter fixates on all celebrities.

In the end his is only an actor, he is not a God.
Mel Gibson should be gay. There are some nude pics of him on the web.

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