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Men in Suits can get the Business
Among my many fetishes, one that particularity makes my day extra hard Wink are men in suits. I'm guessing I'm not the only one, so here is some select eye candy.

[Image: 9ed48ba754a21a75e67b37e15fa10fa5.jpg]

[Image: aca6af573b431060e862388bce79d7a4.jpg]

[Image: wills.JPG]

[Image: dfe17796eea9b6634d101e472c70fff5.jpg]

[Image: e8bd87bb2ba3cde7a32e436a89c6ad97.jpg]

[Image: 9c4469fc42ff271c68db4203ab31a78f.jpg]
[Image: 23-taurus.w529.h352.gif]
A like a guy in suits!
An eye for an eye
I used to be REALLY into suits when I was a teen. Because my sexy stud of a business teacher wore one.

Then I got an apprenticeship with a company whose offices were on the same street as most of the lawyers and estate agents in the city.

They were such utter twats they turned me off suited men forever.
Please and thank you

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