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Merry Yule !
Merry Yule

[SIZE="6"][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Brightly burns the Yule log tonight
Magic dances in firelight
Hold my hand and join the song
Raise the Sun King bright and strong
Dark is giving way to light
As brightly burns the Yule log tonight! [/COLOR][/SIZE]
Yule Chant Adapted by Akasha Ap Emrys

May the return of the light shine bright and clear and show you the way through this cold winter nights....
Be Blessed !
Ah that's right, don't you observe Winter Solstice? Happy Winter Solstice to you then!
Merry Yule Fen

I don't know the song sorry :redface:
Merry Yule to you and blessed be
Merry Yule dear Fen and all other members...
PA & Marshlander

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