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Met Somebody!
Hey everybody. :biggrin:

I wanted to send this as a private message to a few people, but the absurdly strict rules say that I have to have at least 20 posts to send private messages, so I decided to post about it instead.

So, I was going to dinner with a couple of friends, one a guy, one the girl from the room next door... When we got there, my neighbor said she had a friend coming. I assumed it was gonna be a girl, but all of a sudden there's this cute guy sitting next to me. Confusedmile:

Somehow the topic turned to video games, and I found out that he likes a lot of the same things as me. His mannerisms made me think right away that there is no way he is straight -- but I still do not have any definite proof that he isn't. At some point I had to see my guy friend off, and I ended up back at my room without this new guy (Greg) and my neighbor.

At some point, thank HEAVENS, they showed up at my room. They said they had been considering going into town to watch the new Sherlock Holmes movie, but that they decided it was too late. I jumped on the opportunity and said I could stream it on my computer and onto my TV using HDMI. And before we even got to that, Greg and I played some Call of Duty and had a shitload of fun.

Then there were six of us in my room watching the movie, and we had a lot of fun with the Sherlock-Watson bromance. When it was done, everybody left -- Greg was last out the door, we shook hands, smiled, and I invited him back -- then added him on Facebook after he was gone. I texted my neighbor and asked if she thought he was straight -- she came back over and we talked; she thinks he's at least bi and said some of her friends immediately thought he was gay.

Anyways, he's the first boy I've really liked, and I really, really, think there's a chance! :tongue: I probably sound like a teenage girl. Rolleyes

But first, I need to find out if he's gay or bi! It's not on his Facebook. Do I just ask him? What do you guys think?

Also, my usual chatroom buddies Confusedmile:, I haven't seen you guys lately! I hope it happens soon.
I'm really happy for you, Tyke! Confusedmile:
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Gratz Tyke. I too am really happy for you. I wish you all the luck I can give and hope that it works out.

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Someone may be getting cuddles soon enough then haha happy for ya bud Confusedmile:
lol if it isnt on his fb, theres an obvious reason. HES CLOSETED. i dont put what i sex im intrested in on facebook, because i dont want anyone to know, YET i refuse to lie to myself and say i like women lol. WHO KNOWS. best of luck chap!
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Tyke Wrote:I probably sound like a teenage girl. Rolleyes

You do, but it is beautiful.

I'm so happy that you got to experience that feeling, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope everything works out in your favour.

All the best.
.....absurdly jealous... as you can imagine... glad to hear someone showed up, you'll have to tell me all about him sometime.
Wonderful news , I hope it all works out.
I was in the same situation friend and it dose suck a lot :frown:
You could just have you friend mention your gay off hand in a conversation and see if his interested Wink
congrats, hope it works out

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