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Some things matter more to people than others... Penis size is pretty low on my list on things that matters. I mean I have had guys ask me if I have a gag reflex lol Obviously these aren't guys who want to date me and have an LTR...
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

[Image: 848398.png]
Best lover I ever had, had a "micro-penis". I TOTALLY fucked up the relationship (which I regret to this day!) when, during a dinner party at my house while we were all sitting around the table drinking, a mutual friend asked, "Does penis size matter to you guys?". Without thinking (and more than a little drunk) I said, "No, Mitch has a really small dick but our sex is awesome!".

Never saw him again....Sad

Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
Did you know that the ancient romans and greeks actually prized smaller penis.
Also due to humanities growth over time you're about average height for an ancient greek.

So you probably have the same body as the legendary warrior-king Leonidas. They should've gotten you to play him in 300 instead of Gerard Buttler.

Anyways my point is that sexyiness is entirely subjective. If entire civilizations can differ wildly then individuals sure can.
There will be many many men out there who're into what you have between your legs. You shouldn't have any problems getting laid.

As far as romance goes. There are so many positive traits a man can have. In the grand scheme of things Penis size isn't important. So even if your crush isn't into smaller penis that doesn't mean he can't be into you.
axle2152 Wrote:Women are a different breed of human. They're less promiscuous than men, so they're less worried about the physical.
That's exactly what I had in mind... But well, im gay Wink

Camfer Wrote:Now, let me tell you about the abalone technique. An abalone sucks itself so tightly to the sea bed that you really can't tell what's down there. You have to pry them off the rocks.

I discovered this was a sex technique when I dated that small-dicked guy who I'd surely date again. We had a fun night out and headed over to his place. Things started heating up and we headed to his bedroom. While I was leisurely undressing, I wasn't paying much attention. But I turned my head and *bam* he was already naked and flat on the bed, ass up. I don't know how he did that so fast. It was obvious where he wanted my attentions, and I obliged and we had a lot of fun. It wasn't until things really got going strong that I got any access to his front side. By that time we were having such fun that neither of us were thinking about his cock size. Or at least I wasn't and he was enjoying himself no matter what was going on in his head. It was a successful encounter for both of us, and we are still in touch regularly.

It was clear to me that he'd found a way to enjoy gay sex that was less cock-centric. I am confident that you can do the same.
Thanks for sharing your experience! Smile
Beaux, I hope you stopped drinking.
Darius Wrote:Beaux, I hope you stopped drinking.

Yes, after working for 19 years as a bartender, inebriation has become a state I absolutely abhor in myself, as well as others. You can only see so many drunk people before the entire ritual becomes disgusting...
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
[Image: 3129307969_dcd291490d.jpg]
I've bottomed for some "smaller" guys that were the perfect size. They could slide it right in w/o pain on my part. Fun stuff!!!

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