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Does the frog ever hang out on a lily pad? That would be so cute!
(06-24-2021, 07:57 PM)Camfer Wrote: Does the frog ever hang out on a lily pad? That would be so cute!

I haven't caught him on one...I've seen him sit on the stones and as soon as he spots me, in the water he goes. He's pretty stealthy. I'm good with it as long as he doesn't eat my fish lol
Looking really good @InbetweenDreams, the fish look happy enough and good news that they are spawning (though livebearers spawn all too easily haha). I was about to say, keep an eye on that frog, especially with fish that size. Do you get any problems with birds? The pond my parents had would often get visited by pesky, hungry herons.
@Cridders88 I did catch a frog (or toad...not sure, it's green, hops and has 4 legs) sitting on a lily pad... Perhaps someone can identify the species...


wow I've seen plenty of lily pads before, even lily pad blossoms, but in person I don't think I ever saw a frog sitting on a lily pad like that. It must be a fun world for them
I'm hoping mine will blossom. I think all the plants are starved for nitrogen and despite all the fish poop (which normally results in nitrates) I can't seem to get enough. I had actually got more guppies and platies to put in the pond but then the fry happened, likewise I don't want the fry to get eaten.

But yeah I saw that and immediately thought of @Cridders88 so I didn't pass up the opportunity. I'm sure they like it in the pond, there's at least 3 of them in there.
There's been a bunch of fry popping up. I thought I had 6, well now it's like 20+... I really can't count them all. Looks like they might all be platies and not guppies, which is a bit disappointing since I really was hoping the guppies would produce. At any rate plan on getting a steel rack and either going to get a couple 40 gallon breeder tanks or a 75, not sure yet.



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