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Minors and protecting yourself
So picture this....

I got attacked a 17 year old male (My partners son). 6 foot tall and quite An athletic lad.
He punched me and tried taking me to the floor.
I defended myself. I did NOT strike him and there is literally zero marks or bruises on the lad. All I did was restrain him and hold him in a head lock until he seemed to calm down and then I let go and told him to leave.

His reason for attacking me are still unknown to me and also the police.
Who were called by me.

What I’m confused about though....I was attacked in my home and I was the one arrested for defending myself with what I consider reasonable force.

I now have social services crawling up my backside because I have 3 children of my own at home.

Police dropped the charges after interview and I walked out without charge.

Wtf is going on in this country (UK)

When I can’t defend myself without facing charges you know there is something wrong!!

My children were right next to me in the same room and saw the whole thing. This is why social services are involved. 

I actually asked the police and social services what I was supposed to do it this situation.
Both authorities told me they cannot give me advice on this.

So basically in the UK....Kids and Teens are running the land !!

Anyone else had something like this?

What were social services like?? I have never had them involved with my children before.
I think after various highly publicised events in the last decade, various services have swung to being highly proactive, in some cases to the extreme as above, because of instances where they failed to act on genuine cases where there was an issue.

I am sorry you’ve had to go through this that must have been a highly distressing situation. Hope social services quickly nip this in the bud and let you carry on living your life as it was - but hopefully without this issue with your partner’s son which clearly needs addressing to prevent it happening again.
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Not sure how social services differ between the UK and the US (I would presume that laws vary a lot) but in the US generally speaking it is difficult for social services to take kids from their parents. Usually, but I have heard of some screwy cases such as yours when nothing is wrong they want to put a microscope on you...but if it's a deadbeat alcoholic who beats their kids they turn a blind eye until the last minute.

I do see perhaps why their default action is to arrest someone on the spot since that's typically what they often do here in the US, even if you didn't throw any punches as it is all at the discretion of the officers who show up. Of course it being a 17 year old the cops probably would have changed them as well.

Of course that's just my conjecture. Hopefully they'll not make a big deal out of it but it seems perhaps they already have. Hope it all gets cleared up soon.
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