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ok so what other types of art have you tried?

when i was a wee lad i used to take blank pieces of paper and start cutting them into shapes - usually animals. i only cut out the outline, without drawing it first, and for some reason people thought that meant i was talented. i say i was too lazy to draw them first :tongue:

i love origami and i am always amazed by the fantastic creations made out of a simple piece of paper!!! never invented one though...

i draw cartoons. but make me draw something realistic and i won't be able to do it to save my life!

and i guess the earliest form of art i remember making were dough figurines that my grandmother would then cook along with her other cookies. i remember a particularly nice-looking snake i made - and tasty too!! :biggrin: i did the same thing with chewing gum but after several attention flares from my grandmother i had to quit a brilliant career of chewing-gum-sculpting :frown:Confusedmile:

also i was a huge fan of LEGOs - hey, that's an alternative type of art no? :biggrin:

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