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Missing person?
Where do you start to find a missing person? Especially a brother missing since 1995? Any advice appreciated - Thank you
Try a name search on facebook.
Do a google search on the name.
Check alumni records of his college or university.
Check governmental death records.
Hire a private investigator.
Do you know what area he is? Local newpapers are a good bet. Facebook is good but a lot of people are leaving it so just bear that in mind.
Germany - I was in Australia at the time - thanks for advice
Try a google search!
An eye for an eye
Using my honed cyber-stalking skills. (And misusing my formal education.) I can usually find a guy online If he's in the UK

If you want to pm me his name, age and last known address I can look for you.
No promises mind you I have failed once before.

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