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Monkey wrench!?
marshlander Wrote:The 'phobes must love the way we make their prejudices real sometimes. :mad:

I couldn't agree more!

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.
East Wrote:A side note....

When I was interested in someone and I knew I would get the "best behavior" from them...I had them drive me somewhere...and I watched CLOSELY. Do you cut people off? tailgate them? you weave in and out of traffic because you need to get somewhere and put other people''s lives at risk because you are too lazy and self centered to understand they might want to live? There are wonderful lessons there...if someone is arrogant enough to think they have the right to take others people lives into their hands and have no respect for other people at all...this can be seen quite clearly when they drive. It is hardly an "accident" if you are driving 90MPH and weaving in and out of traffic...I think it is murder and instead of an accident I call them a "purposeful act of negligence"...cell phone driving and texting? WTF?... I would never be with anyone who had that little respect for other people's lives and I declined to date many fine men after driving with them once. If I did ignore the signs I would expect to have this same lack of basic respect directed at me...unaccpetable...and if I ignore this behavior and then decide to whine about it and make myself a victim it would be on me...not them. People take far too little responsibility for their own actions.

As a professional driver who has peoples lives in his hands on a daily bases you have a good point and i must agree.

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