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Moral Dillema
Hi. I'm new to the forum. I'm looking for some advice.

After a long monogamous relationship with my wife, I find myself released to the world, once again single. I had a few minor gay experiences as a teenager but through the entire course of my marriage I was true to my wife. Now that I'm no longer married, I would like to explore the male to male side of sexual experience, and may find a way to do that in the future.

However, I'm troubled and wonder if there's any solution at all to my quandary.

The dilemma I find myself in is my intense attraction to twink porn. I find I am very sexually excited by young hairless men. However, in my fantasies, I go further into this so as to have sexual thoughts about even younger teenage boys.

I absolutely will not act on this attraction. I not only respect the legal repercussions, but my moral fiber completely prevents me from taking action on these fantasies. However, the fact is that the thought of sex with young teenage boys give me intense sexual excitement.

I'm looking for some wisdom as to how to deal with this immoral attraction. I have no idea what that advice may be, but I'm very troubled as to my attraction and would appreciate any advice.

I apologize that this subject is somewhat unsavory, but I'm not sure where else to turn. I hope that the members here can offer some help.
I would have to say that it may have to do with your minor gay acts as a teen. Were these acts with another teen boy? If so you may just be recounting those acts. Perhaps those experiences were so short and unsatisfying that you wish to have them again. Also young men are full of vitality and energy, that alone can be seductive. The change they are going through the idea that you are a guide for someone younger. As far as sexual attraction goes, it fades once you realize how much of a different person you are now than you were as a ten boy yourself. I work with male youth, I worried about that, because I can look at a seventeen out sixteen year old kid and think, that they are good looking, they are they can be, it isn't wrong to think so. But the more time I spent with them the less those feelings come up. You may feel perverted, but you only are if you try anything.

I would suggest either have some adult experiences, or find a cute little 21 year old guy that fits your type.
I think perhaps seeking men of legal age that may perhaps look a bit younger than they really are might help you out. Just from your post you understand it would be immoral and legal to seek out an underage teen so I don't really think you need to worry. I have found, that it seems that teens seem to be the...biggest sexual attraction among all sexualities. Notice a lot of times in porn it will talk about "teens" and these teens are obviously only 18 or 19 or maybe even older just pretending but it at least puts the fantasy in our head that they could be younger.

I might be super crazy for this thought but I think there may be something to it. When you become a teenager that is when puberty starts, that's when your sexual drive begins or becomes noticeable and back in the day that was when childbearing would begin. So I almost feel like it's a natural instinct however as we've progressed as a species we understand that perhaps teenage years are not best for having kids or having sex. I have noticed a vast amount of people that are very attracted to teens but these people also know it would be wrong to act out on those desires so you're left roleplays and 18 year olds.

My point in this rambling is that I think you're pretty normal and as long as you find legal ways to satisfy your fantasies I don't think you need to be concerned.

I also think when things are considered taboo or wrong we tend to want them more. I'm the opposite in that I'm very attracted to men significantly older than me though it's purely a sexual attraction and I believe that a big part of that is because as a 20 year old I should not find 40 or 50 year olds sexually attractive and that's what makes it so exciting.

So don't be worried, and perhaps having some adult encounters might change your feelings a little considering you have only had experiences as a teenager and that may be why you're having these feelings like Hank said.
I'm guessing that younger boys tend to be more androgynous than men and perhaps you are attracted the the feminine characteristicts of boys, rather than young boys themselves.

Were you but up in a religious home where homosexuallity was a sin?

Do you think you are too attached to your childhood sexual experiences?

Do you really think you are gay/bi?

Are you simply having nothing more than fantasies?
Hello and welcome to G.S.

Beside watching kiddy/teenage porn , do you ever find young teenagers on the street a turn on?

I am worried that this will end badly , you need professional help.
I have read what you have said , that you never will, you have a strong moral conduct.... it's just fantasies ...I have control.

Please get help.

I am throwing this out there as you have asked for suggestions...

My first reaction when I hear about guys who like children (or guys who like virgins) is that they seek control and power over everything and everybody in their lives.

Maybe ask yourself this question?

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